Sports & Fitness


The ability of the students to perform and participate in a range of physical activities dramatically accelerates the overall learning process of children- including their ability to interact with others and environment. Structures physical activities and sports can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning- in a way which is visceral, engaging and fun for children. The school has engaged coaches for different sports for classes VI-XII to give opportunity to the students to show their talents as per their own choice. It provides various games such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volley ball, table tennis, chess, badminton, athletics, roller skating, yoga, aerobics, school band and so on. The school also provides training to students in Japanese Martial Arts like Taekwondo and Karate, which administer a disciplined mind in a disciplined body.

EDUSPORTS has been working with the school for Classes Nursery to V to ensure that all the children in the school experience the magic of sports and physical activities. Edusports structured activities and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioral skills and physical conditioning in children. Edusports offers a structured curriculum for sports (based on the developmental needs of the children) which is executed on the ground with the help of relevant tools/ props by a qualified full time Trainers. Periodic Workshops and feedback sessions with the teachers and parents are integral part of the overall programme delivery. Edusports also conducts periodic assessments to track how fit the children are and what they have learnt. The whole programme works in sync with the school's time table, is age-appropriate and inclusive to cover all the children and touches all the key stakeholders periodically. Special morning / afternoon classes are arranged for teams for all the major games. The students are given exposure and confidence by sending the teams for interschool matches and competitions organized by CBSE and affiliated schools.