About School

" What ever the mind of a man can Believe or Concieve , it can achieve"

Education is a social vehicle , which must march a head and be a source of new ideas . The school thus endeavors to provide the right opportunities and environment for the harmonious development of the personality of the student by giving a thorough and general education and also conserving the cultural heritage of the country.

We at SCR , have nurtured our tender saplings with love and care to create many a strong oaks . Catering to both the oriental and oceidental ideologies , our school's value perceptions have an all pervasive influence on the holistic development of children , as mandated by CBSE. Every year the school designs new paradigms that bring highly educated , creative teachers , together with students to engage in learning activities that are interactive and customized to students interests and needs.

We at SCR , strive hard to realize goals and aims of a sound educational philosophy of converting our children into self actualized human adult and for realizing their potentials to the full . We infuse a feeling of patriotism to make our students proud Indian citizens . As human beings have the capicity to grow in their mental perceptions and expand their point of view.

They are able to do the incredible things because of their sense of purpose and their determination.

Founded in 1999, SCR , Gurgaon is named after a great visionary Late Shri Chandi Ram who estabilished this school with a vision to produce gems to brighten the society.

SCR is a senior secondary school in Gurgaon , affiliated to the Central Board of Seconday Education , New Delhi . The school has a strength of 1650 students , whose physical , mental and academic and cultural needs are taken care of , by an efficient team of 95 members of teaching and non teaching staff . It is a secular institution where children of all religions and creeds recieve liberal education . The school takes pride in cultivating qualities of nationalism , patriotism , service and scrifice among the students . The school aspires to create a spirit of "love , truth and efficiency".